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作者:Maria Teresa Calva-Xolalpa
I am the 19-year-old version of yourself about to graduate from the school you are about to go to. 明天是你在新学校ManBet手机客户端的第一天. You are now also living in the town as a day student and as you can see, 它与城市非常不同. 你从身边6000件东西变成现在只有6件. 不过你会逐渐喜欢上这个小镇的.

I know that it is scary to go to this new school where everyone knows your sister but no one knows you. So here is a heads up about some things that you need to know in your journey as a “lifer.“是的,一个无期徒刑犯,在斯坦斯特德监狱待了整整六年. 是的,你会一直回来的.
Firstly, you will meet some incredible who that will become your second and third family. 你会有很棒的教练和导师. You will soon realize who they are, so appreciate every moment you spend with them. 它们将引导和塑造你在六年内成为的那个人.
You will discover that there are other sports than swimming and other instruments than violin. Stick to them and spend more time on music and rugby because they will get you through. 只要小心卡瓦诺一家... 你会明白我的意思.
Soon you will meet lifelong friends who will always want what’s best for you. And soon you will also realize that sometimes other’s intentions won’t always be the best. Don't be naïve; choose right. 相信自己的直觉.
你会有很多室友,从最好的开始, 谁会很快住进你的地下室, 然后在澳大利亚遇见你的灵魂伴侣. 其他介于两者之间的人只是体验的一部分. 这样你就绕了一个完整的圈,以你开始的那个人结束.
I would say stay out of drama but you will see that it is kind of impossible here. 所以我只想说,做真实的自己. 你不需要向任何人解释,即使你每天24小时都和他们在一起. 这是你的生活,所以拥有它,玩得开心. 毕竟,这只是高中. 放聪明点,记住:违反规则不等于违反规则.
Year after year you’ll hear the same prefect speeches about what Stanstead meant to that person and how it changed them. 但随着岁月的流逝, 你会意识到那是不可能解释的, 因为它是不断变化的. 有些年份会好,有些年份会坏. 事实上, you will have two hard years where you will become life’s guinea pig just like you were in history class in Grade 7. It will be very difficult but don’t give up, you will have support and you will make it through. 我保证.
过不了多久,世界就会崩溃……不是比喻,而是真的. 你会发现COVID是什么,我不会剧透的, 你必须按照自己的方式去做, 但只要记住这个词,找到一个舒适的面膜, 你会需要它的.
You will create thousands of memories that will make you fall in love with this place and make you want to come back year after year. And you’ll also discover many many flaws, and bad things that will make you question that decision.
你会知道生活并不总是公平的. You won’t always get what you want or deserve and some people’s explanations will never make sense to you. 但你猜怎么着,它只会让你更强大.
最终,ManBet手机客户端将成为你人生的一部分. 有时是为了更好, 有时情况更糟, 但这是一次你永远不会忘记的经历. 相信自己,做好自己的准备. You are entering as Marisol’s little sister but you will leave here with your own legacy.