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For as long as I can remember my birthday has been one of my favourite days of the year. 一个特殊的日子,与我的家人和朋友一起庆祝, 和, 噢,是的, 礼物太, 我怎么会不喜欢呢? 但现在回想起来,我意识到我其实很享受变老. 为什么? 我一直是一个非常固执的孩子,现在仍然是, 我喜欢自己做事情,并且能够说我做到了.
From a young age, we get help from our parents 和 we are told what we should do. I knew each birthday that I was developing into a more autonomous person, which really excited me.

当我们还小,在小学的时候, a popular topic our teachers would always bring up was the simple question, “你长大后想做什么??“我要么画公主,要么画兽医,要么画超级英雄. 现在我上11年级了, 不幸的是, 而不是被要求画画, 我有数学考试或论文要做. 我的成绩对我将来选择做什么有影响, 未来我必须选择一份工作.

This past summer I had a lot of time to think about my journey 和 my paths. 我的童年有点不正常. I moved around as if I were in a game of tag 和 I was trying to not be tagged. 我经常搬家. 我的童年是由笑到哭组成的, 和爸爸一起在森林里冒险, lakes 和 oceans in numerous countries 和 aspiring to be just like him, all the while watching my mom be absolutely incredible at everything she did 和 hoping I would end up like her. 我哥哥也是我最好的朋友. My childhood was filled with the best memories, even the little road bumps.

A few weeks before I left to head back to Stanstead for my second year, 现实打击了我:我的童年正在慢慢地停止. 然后我吓坏了. 我所知道的一切都在慢慢结束. All the wishing for more responsibilities 和 privileges had finally come. 我惊慌失措. I wanted to go back to playing family with friends or cops 和 robbers at the playground.

在我给自己时间思考和冷静下来之后,我明白了. 有趣的是, 我不会改变我童年的任何事, 不是尴尬的时刻, 不是艰难时期. All those moments are going to prepare me for the adversity I face in the future, 和 before I get too ahead of myself I still have some time left 和 am not taking one second for granted. 我也有更多的回忆,即使是尴尬的回忆. I realized why would I waste my remaining time as a child wishing I could go back while I'm still in the moment? 如果我要你回去,你可能会答应, I would want to relive my childhood too but would you change anything about it?

不要因为时间即将结束而心烦意乱, 准备好结束这一章,开始一个全新的篇章. So be grateful for everything little thing you run into along your path of life, even the bumpy ones. And make sure to live now so you can look back 和 say you had a great childhood with incredible memories. You will be able to look at the future 和 be ready for the new memories. 最棒的不是目的地,而是过程和过程.